International Services

I know it’s hard to find someone you can trust to give you honest and accurate condition and recommendations on cars and trucks you are interested in purchasing from across the sea. When you retain Dave’s Garage to represent you in these purchases you can be sure that we have your best interest in mind when inspecting these cars.

We know that a lot of people from all over the world search Craigslist, eBay, Hemmings, and the internet here in the States looking for the classic or collector car of their dreams. Over the past couple of years we have assisted many off continent clients to locate, purchase, repair and ship these cars all over the world.

So we have decided to add this service and make it available to more people so you can buy cars here in California with confidents you don’t wind up with a piece of junk when it arrives in your country.


With our shop located in Simi Valley, California a small city just outside Los Angeles we are very well located for vehicle inspections and pick up. Also we are within an hour from the two major shipping ports, Los Angeles or Long Beach.


We can inspect the vehicle. This would include going to the vehicle or having the vehicle brought to us, giving it a complete top to bottom and front to rear check over, looking for rust, previous collision damage, repairs and the overall quality of repairs that have been done plus a general mechanical assessment. At this point we can report back to you and help you determine an fair price for the vehicle or we can go ahead and negotiate a best price right on the spot, sometimes cash talks.

Negotiate the price. Based on what we find during our inspection we can then negotiate the best possible price for the purchase of the car based on your budget.

Transport the car to our shop for processing. At the time of purchase we can load the car on one of our trailers and transport it to the shop for holding prior to transporting it to the port for shipping. If you email all the information and forms required by you country prior to import we can prepare them and have them ready when it’s time to ship.

Prepare the car for import to your country. We can do whatever servicing or repairs the car may need prior to shipping, for example oil leaks, broken glass, rust issues, light inspection, etc… this stuff is sometimes easier done here then when it gets to you. Also we can perform any upgrades you might be interested in at this time, air conditioning, suspension upgrades, engine, body, paint, and interior. Here’s how it works. We are set up to handle most if not all of the transaction through Paypal. Once you have made arrangements and retained us to represent you in the purchase or transaction you can transfer money into our Paypal account for a retainer and send us specific instructions on how to act on your behalf. In most cases our clients find a car they are interested in and forward the ad to us, we contact the seller and make arrangements to view the car. At this point we can report what we have found back to you and you can decide how to proceed, or, you can Paypal us a certain amount and authorize us to negotiate the best deal possible on the spot. Our pricing for these services are very reasonable and we are prepared to travel within 300 miles to accommodate our clients. No pricing is laid out here because every case is different and has different requirements, so pricing is based on your needs.

Click this link and ask us any questions you might have and we will be glad to answer them. E-mail »