Wierd? I don't think so...

Wierd? I don't think so...

I don’t think my tastes run that weird but I’ve been searching the internet all morning looking for specific information on the cars I’ve chosen to own.  I know I’m a little quirky since I’ve probably owned more than 2500 cars and trucks in my lifetime and I’m probably a little jaded since I own a hot rod and custom car shop so I can drive whatever I want and get away with it. 

Now a 1952 Chevrolet Panel is just a great all around multi purpose vehicle, you can load your vintage Harley into it and take it out to a show, you can pick up stuff from Lowes, Throw a crate motor in the back from Hawaii Racing, or you can just go for a nice little Sunday afternoon ride here in southern California with the windows down and the vent up. 

My 1966 Chevrolet Suburban will be the ultimate grocery getter once we get it out of paint and wrapped up, the interior has all the creature comforts of the 2011 Denali, original seat frames redone in leather by Eric Thorson, 14 boxes of Accumate line the entire interior so it should be quiet as a church.  The drive train is your standard 350 with an automatic overdrive mileage transmission and later model front disc brakes and power steering rolling with a unique mix of old and new styles and designs.  17” Avalanche wheels look perfect on it with big and little Michelins.

O.K. here’s where it gets a little weird, a 1956 Dodge Sierra Station Wagon, right?  I found this car with little, and I mean very little rust and an otherwise perfect body, the interior was likewise nearly perfect, so were cleaning up the rust, touching up the paint, oh, by the way did I mention it had a fresh Poly motor in it?  The only upgrade here is a set of late model Magnum 17” alloys to even further sit it off.  This car will be coming to you in parking lots all over Simi Valley in the next couple of weeks.

What would I still like to have?  That’s easy… more…, seriously I would like to have an early 50’s Dodge or Chevrolet COE (Cab
Over Engine) truck that I can build a “vintage” slide truck out of and use it to haul clients cars around on, and look pretty cool too.