66 Suburban Chassis and Suspension

66 Suburban Chassis and Suspension

The Suburban Adventure Continues…

Well, here’s the latest on the Suburban Adventure.  As you remember from the last update I tried to paint the frame with Rust-oleum that turned into a night-mare I couldn’t get the frame clean enough to get the paint to look good so after a good try and a frame that looked like bad lawn furniture I had to go another way.  I got in touch with Manny and Alex up at Anacapa Soda Blasting in Oxnard I talked to them about the project and the time line and they said bring it up and they’d get it done, Once I got it to them they turned it around in about a week, they sandblasted the frame and all the parts and pieces then painted them to a nice satin, semi-gloss black finish, not to shiny and will compliment the Raptor body undercoating.

Once I got the frame back to the shop, Chris came over and we had the frame and undercarriage back together in a few hours, the following day I finished up the brake and fuel lines then we sat the fresh 350 engine and 700R4 into the frame.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that, measured for the driveshaft, reinstalled the gas tank and slid it back under the body.  Since nobody makes a body mount kit for the 66-Suburban, I had to make those too so, I found that the big rubber strip that’s on the bottom of a snow plow blade is nearly the same stuff as the original mounts so, I cut some of that up, made some metal plates and vulcanized the plates to the rubber and as good as OEM. 

Rolled the chassis under the body and let it down from the lift, a little push and shove and the alignment looked good so I sat it down. With new hardware I bolted the new mounts through the frame and once again the body and frame are reunited. 

This weekend I’ll get the new steering column in and the brake master cylinder installed and plumbed and possible the front core support and inner fenders, then back to the paint shop.

Once this goes back to the paint shop the 1952 Chevy Panel will be returning…

Watch for updates on that.