Wierd? I don't think so...

56 Dodge Wagon Update

Well I've had the car for a few weeks now and am so anxious to get out and drive it I've been pushing pretty hard.  Bob has finishe up the little bit of rust repair and painted the rear apron and will paint the rockers Monday morning.

I have replaced the entire brake system, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, shoes, the drums where in good condition so using them.  Changed the oil in the differential, the transmission (3 on the tree), and drained the engine oil, got 4 or 5 quarts of water then 4 or 5 quarts of some fairly nasty oil, added a oil filter adapter on the block, rebuilt the fuel pump, radiator.  Cleaned out the gas tank and coated the inside, reworking the sending unit then that's done.  I found a set of 2010 Dodge Magnum 17" alloys, ordered up a set of spacer/adapters that will be here in few days.  I'll turn the motor over on the starter motor for a few minutes to try and get the rest of the gunk out of the engine then change it again before the start up.

The front bumper was rusted pretty bad so I had it rechomed and aligned the front grill work, now it looks very good, I even put on the new license plates.