2011 Roamin Relics Moorpark Car Show

2011 Roamin Relics Moorpark Car Show

We had our coming out party at the Roamin Relics Car Show in Moorpark, California this past Sunday, October 9th, this was the first major show we brought and showed cars that we had built and worked on over the past 3 years since we opened our doors in Simi Valley back in January of 2009.

We brought along Mick White’s 1969 Chevy C-10 truck we finished up earlier this year.  This Daily Driver is a fairly straight forward truck, with a few custom touches, dropped all the way around and upgraded suspension makes this a responsive driver that sits solid on the road.  Custom BMW Ice Blue Metallic paint sits this truck apart from the crowd.

The show was great with the Simi Valley car guys supporting our booth and hanging out most of the day, but with over 400 cars in attendance there was lots to see and plenty of people and friends to talk with. 

We spent weeks preparing for the Moorpark Show, designing and ordering printing, banners, tents, models, catalogs…  We brought Lizz along to play dress up for us and to walk around the show and hand out stuff to the masses and get pictures of the cars, I think she did a great job, what do you think?  Don't worry if you didn't get your picture taken with her, she'll be around with us at other shows in the future so you'll get a chance.

Take a look at the pictures and see if you recognize anybody...