I found this 1952 short wheelbase 1/2-ton panel down in Long Beach area, it had been sitting in a garage down there for the past 25 years.  The guy that owned it started the rebuild then got catught up in life, it happens, so he left it in his Grandfathers garage with the intention of getting back to it some day but that day never came.

Fast forward 25 years, and Craigslist comes through.  I found the ad, and gave him a call, we talked a few times and I went down to take a look at it.  ZERO rust, that's right, none.  the entire shell was alrady body worked, and he had every single original piece. 

I got him back on the phone, we made a deal and the following weekend I brought it to the shop.  It sat out front for a few months until I could get it over to the paint shop, they painted the firewall the new original green.  I went through the engine and did it back to the original colors and appearance. 

This truck is going to be an original restoration, 6-volt, 6.50x16 tires, floor starter, o r i g i n a l.  I found the correct green color, and am moving forward slowly and as spending money becomes available. 

Keep an eye here and as it comes together I'll keep this updated.