Dave's History

Where it all started

Born just outside Cincinnati, Ohio in 1957 is where it all began. His Dad pumped gas at the local Sinclair station and his Mom was a car-hop at Frisch's Big Boy, so he spent a lot of time with his Grandfather. "Dave's Grandfather was a "junkman" in the area and by the time he was 5 years old he could identify any car from any angle. He knew what he was talking about when it came to junk". In the early 60's, like many other families, they moved to southern California, the San Gabriel Valley to be exact, and began their new life here. It wasn't long before Dave learned how to ride a bike, then how to take it apart and later how to put it back together. Shortly after that he was running his own little bike shop behind the garage for the neighborhood. Fixing flats, changing pedals, seats, sissy bars, wheels and making custom choppers became his passion. Back then, he worked on the barter system he would trade a tire patch or replace a bent wheel in trade for an old bike just for the parts. With his paper route money, Dave bought his first gasoline-powered vehicles: a go-cart and a mini bike for $35.00. He got the pair from the same guy, but they only came with one engine. His first engine swap was soon after that. He'd run the go-cart all day until he crashed it. Then he'd pull the engine and slap it in the mini bike for the rest of the day or until he crashed it. Eventually he'd have to fix both of them and start over the next day.

Where he's been

Junior high school was the first place Dave encountered shops. Metal shop was where he loved making things. It didn't matter what he just loved turning one thing into something else. Since then, Dave has built hundreds of vehicles and devices for the movie industry, car collectors and everyday guys that have hot rods as daily drivers. In 1972, before he even had his driver's license, he bought his first of many vehicles a 1948 GMC pick-up, a short bed, 6-cylinder, three on the tree. Before he drove it he had swapped the motor in the street in front of his house, changed it over to an open drive shaft rear end with a truck 4 speed. He's mix and match parts doing what ever would work to make it his. Through out his life, he has built everything: from buggies, GT cars, off road racecars, rally cars, formula cars, show cars, props. You name it. He's probably been involved with at least one, from 1928 Renault Roadster to the new GTO and Corvette. Personalizing cars is as automatic to him as a woman picking an outfit. The shoes have to match the belt.

Where he's heading

The future is going to be busy for Dave, he is looking forward to building some specialty cars that he's had in the back of his mind for years. The past saw a lot of innovation that may have been way before its time. How much of that innovation would work with today's technology? Electronic engine tuning, fly-by wire, LS engines, brake systems to stop jets available for cars. You will see some incredible cars in the next 20 years, and Dave looks forward to building some of them. Don't count Dave out at 50, he's just hitting his stride. He's able to do things guys half his age have trouble with. He can still get down under a car and get back up as fast as anyone. He can cut off a set of frame horns with a torch, then in the same minute finesse in a finicky BMW distributor. Dave stands behind his word and delivers what he promises, on time and on budget (something that's rare in this industry). This is his creed.

What does DAVE stand for?


Dave learned a long time ago that it is more cost effective and way less aggravating and ultimately easier to do the job right the first time. While mentoring under Don Francisco, he learned that there was only one way to do things. There was no cutting corners or short cuts. The right way was not always the easiest way but it is always the right way. This translates into every aspect of Dave's life. Everything from how he folds his t-shirts to verifying the gap on "pre-gapped" spark plugs. Everything gets the same attention to detail.


Being born in 1957, Dave was around to remember service. It came from the waitress serving a cup of coffee to the banker that knew your name when you stopped by the bank. Service is part of the job, not something you hope to get. It's something you should expect to get from anyone you do business with. You have the final say so about how you are going to be treated. You chose who you are going to spend your money with. It just makes since to spend your money where you get the service you deserve!


Reliable, steady, loyal, consistent are all words used to describe Dave and his work ethic, he comes in early, stays late and makes sure the jobs is done right, done on time, and done as promised. You will always be able to count on Dave and depend on the services he provides for you. Dave's reputation is very important to him and he strives to over deliver and builds good relationships and cars for the people he works with.


If Dave tells you he'll be there at 5:00, you can set your watch by it, not 5:01. He has respect for you, your schedule, as well as his, if he tells you he's going to do something you can be assured that it will be done, on time, on budget and as promised. Under promise and over deliver is a way of life with Dave. His responsibility to the cars and the customer goes way beyond the finish of the job. It's like a lifetime warranty. Dave will always be there to keep the cars running.

What is DAVE the brand?

Exceptional Car builder

Since 1972 when he got his first 48 Chevy Pick-up Dave has built hundreds of vehicles for people all around the country. Building both foreign and domestic cars from the ground up, as either rebuilds or complete re-constructions, Dave is comfortable with any degree of project from minor trouble-shooting to complete ground up restoration, He's always looking for something interesting to do.


Having spent nearly 20 years mentoring under one of the finest car builders and designers in the business, Dave learned that there is a right way and a wrong way to do anything. There is a hard way and an easy way, and then there was Don's way, always the right way. Dave builds cars that work, they are drivable, and dependable, he takes cues from every era to make them stylish and most of all fun to own and drive. An even keel is probably a good way to describe Dave, he doesn't get aggravated, he doesn't throw wrenches around the shop and scream and yell. In fact, he rarely raises his voice. Dave emulates Detroit in most of his builds since the big three have already spent millions and millions of dollars engineering cars, why re-invent the wheel? In a nutshell Dave builds things to work properly and to last.


Being raised in the mid-west with mid-western values from the days of the 50's and 60's. He learned a mans word was his bond, and a hand shake was an irrevocable contract that said, "I will do what I say and deliver as I promise." This is who Dave is at his core.


Dave has built every part for nearly every type of car out there. Having built everything from production Chevrolets that where mass-produced in the millions, to building one off specialty prototype vehicles for major corporations. He has the ability to fabricate parts from nothing, and knows what works.

Why go to DAVE?

Peace of Mind

Don't you have enough on your mind day to day? Why should the one thing that gives you pleasure also be another thing you have to worry about? With Dave at the helm you will be assured you are getting the personal attention you and your project needs His experience will give you the assurance that the project is being handled in the best most economical way in order to present you with the finished car you are expecting and deserve.


Trust is something that has to be earned. Spend some time with Dave to see who he is and how he works. Give him the opportunity to gain your trust. Hundreds of people have and they now have a relationship with a car builder that delivers. There is one simple motto at the shop "Under promise and over deliver" a simple philosophy that has served him well. It is much better to get something earlier then when you expect it, not a day, week, month, or year later.


The difference between value and price is evident at Dave's. Dave charges a fair rate for the quality of work he does but this cost includes so much more. "Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten".